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Extended School Year

The Extended School Year (ESY) Program at Pace School is designed to support students with social, emotional, behavioral, and communication needs. The purpose of Pace’s ESY program is to provide educational supports and services based on each eligible student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in order to assist students in maintaining skills that they have acquired during the regular school year.

At each student’s IEP meeting, eligibility for ESY is determined through a review of available data and discussion of the IEP team. For students with severe disabilities such as autism/pervasive developmental disorder, serious emotional disturbance, severe intellectual disability, degenerative impairments with mental involvement, and severe multiple disabilities, the IEP team must convene and determine a student’s ESY eligibility no later than February 28 of each school year.

Addition information on Extended School Year Services in Pennsylvania.

The 2021 Extended School Year was held Monday - Thursday, June 28 - July 29 from 9 to 2 PM. It was provided on site following recommended CDC COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines.